Some twits and verses for a trending topic – Un poema de David Jou

To readers who are not familiar with Catalan language

Still in the wake of last week huge demonstration,
I enjoy remembering so many details and emotions:
how exciting was to feel we were building a wider future,
how emboldening to share the energy of that engaged crowd;
standing there was stepping towards a deeper freedom,
struggling to decide on our future and needs.

How sick we are of being menaced, insulted and unheard
by the State which takes from us such dizzy amounts each year,
how fed we are with its arrogance, intolerance, contempt!
How tired we are of Spain as an unfair barrier between us and Europe,
as a burden to our language, as a dismemberment of our culture,
as an obstacle race to our voice and presence abroad,
as a brake and ballast on our development and structures,
as a stubborn negation of our history, our nation and our laws!
How sick we are of Spain as an obsessive possession of Madrid,
of its lurking network of relentless and corrupted powers!.

We want something new, we need something better;
we are willing to work for it, able to contribute to it, committed to it.
We want to be empowered to vote for it.

September 11th – 19th, 2014

David Jou

Publicat també pel Manifest de poetes catalans per la independència de Catalunya, a Facebook.